Two big announcements:

  1. I made my first screen cast 1
  2. I’ve updated the permalink title for all the blog posts here 2

I wanted to make sure that external blogs linking to previous post links wouldn’t break. So in order to do this, I had to edit all of my previous blog posts and add a redirect_from tag.

Life is too short to be doing this manually so I whipped up an awk program to do it for me in about 20 minutes. It was so much fun building the program that I figured I should screen cast the process.

Recording the screen cast and exporting a decent version of it took a lot more than 20 minutes but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. You can watch the screen cast in its entirety on Youtube:

If you enjoyed it, please do let me know on twitter or in the comments over at YouTube.

Notes about the screen cast

Meta notes on screen cast

  1. One of my goals for 2020 

  2. This might have messed with your RSS unread feed count. Sorry 😬 

  3. Kinesis Advantage Pro in case you were wondering