In case you had any doubts, Kaushik Gopal writes this blog.

This blog runs on Jekyll. Jekyll is awesome and is built with Ruby. Kaushik likes Ruby.

This theme is an original one and was (re)designed by myself.

I’m also known in some circles of the internet for starting an Android Developer podcast called Fragmented. We talk about building good software and becoming better Android developers on the podcast.

I write about things I find interesting (mostly technology, design, sound engineering, movies & movies). Sometimes I write detailed technical posts on my company’s blog.

I don’t do comments on this blog, mostly because I do a terrible job of keeping up with them. Just tweet @kaushikgopal if you feel strongly enough about something that warrants my attention. I’m much better with my tweet replies.

I’m known to never say no to a cup of coffee. If we’re in the same area, I’d love to chat over a cup. You can also read more about me here.